First Home Buyer

At King’s Finance, we are here to help you to find the right type of loan you need. As a first home buyer or property investor, you can obtain finance (a loan) from a financial institution to purchase or secure against the property with our professional assistance. Features of a mortgage such as the size of the loan, maturity of the loan, interest rate, method of paying off the loan and other characteristics can vary considerably. It’s always best to speak with a professional mortgage broker to discuss your options. King’s Finance can help you determine your eligibility and apply for the Frist Home Owner’s Grant.

Investment Loan

Investment loan is structured in a specific way to allow you to make the most of your assets and finances. We can work with your financial planner and accountant to ensure your loan is set up to meet your specific needs, and we have access to competitive loan options that can help you maximise your investment returns.

Standard Variable Loan and Fixed Rate Loan

The variable rate loan offers more features and flexibility than the basic fixed rate loan, so the rate is usually slightly higher. Fixed rate loans are set at a fixed rate for a specified period – usually one to five years. This gives you the advantage of knowing how much your repayments will be, allowing you to organise your finances without the risk of rising interest rates. However, this advantage is offset by the possibility of not benefiting from an interest rate drop.

Bridging Loan

A bridging loan may be necessary to cover the financial gap when buying one property before your existing one is sold. This finance is secured against the existing property (utilising equity) and the new property being purchased. Usually, bridging loans are short term (normally 6 months) to allow for the sale of the original property and more expensive than other types of loans. There are alternative ways to finance a change from one home to another, so please talk with us to discuss your options.

Standard Variable Loan and Fixed Rate Loan

The variable rate loan offers more features and flexibility than the basic fixed rate loan, so the rate is usually slightly higher. Fixed rate loans are set at a fixed rate for a specified period – usually one to five years. This gives you the advantage of knowing how much your repayments will be, allowing you to organise your finances without the risk of rising interest rates. However, this advantage is offset by the possibility of not benefiting from an interest rate drop.


Worried that you don’t have the best financing package?

Want to use some of the equity in your home for other investments? Possibly your needs and situation have changed or you just need extra funds for renovations, holiday etc. At King’s Finance, we have the expertise required to help you get the best loan and make the most out of your property. We can help you by offering you information covering all aspects of refinancing your existing loans.

Why would you go from lender to lender and try to work out the best deal when our brokers will do it for you totally free of charge*? You don’t even need to leave the house, we will come to you. A King’s Finance broker will save you both time and money.

The King’s Finance Group are the home loan specialists. We know who has great rates, who has great loans and who has great special offers.Let us find the best package for you. Simply detail your enquiry and a Lending Professional will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry.

*fees and charges may apply

At King’s Finance we understand why people would look to refinance:

  • To obtain a home loan with a cheaper interest rate than you are currently paying
  • To obtain a home loan with more flexible features
  • To consolidate debts
  • To unlock equity from your home to use for other purposes, such as investment, new furniture, a new car or to spoil yourself

Refinancing a home loan can be a confusing and time consuming process. We will work with you to ensure that the switching process is smooth and hassle free by:

  • Helping you select the most competitive and suitable products from our extensive panel of lenders
  • Doing the leg work for you and keeping you fully informed during the process to settlement
  • Review your loan regularly to ensure that it remains competitive and it continues to meet your needs


Try out our range of free Online Calculators to help determine how you can best maximise your money to achieve your financial goals. Follow the links below to better plan your individual situation.

* Please note the results from each calculator are an approximate guide only and do not constitute specialist advice. The calculations used should not be relied upon for the purpose of entering into any legal or financial commitments.


The King’s Finance Group work with the best lenders in the market, including the Big 4, Second Tier, Non-Bank and Private Lenders. Whether you need $0.5M or $200M, we have the networks and experience to give you transparent, product-agnostic advice on the loan that’s best for your business. King’s Finance can help you get the deal done.

King’s Finance is a market-leader in the commercial property finance space. Our Elite Broking Specialists have decades of lending experience across the property industry sector. With strong negotiating power in market and deep, established markets across the spectrum, we have direct access to the decision makers that can set your venture in motion.


Need finance for a car purchase besides your home? King’s Finance can access competitive finance options for private cars and recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles for your businessfor a variety of purposes. These finance options may include car loans, a variety of leases, commercial leasing options, chattel mortgages and more.

Consumer Car Loans

You want to buy that new car and want fast loan approval so you can drive off into the sunset. Get pre-approval for up to $250,000 with King’s Finance.

King’s Finance can help you find easy and affordable car loans in Australia.

Commercial Car Loans

Our commercial car loan specialists will help you secure car loan pre-approval for an amount that allows you to shop for the best vehicle for your needs with the confidence that you have finance in place for your next business asset investment.


Need finance for another large purchase besides your home and car? At King’s Finance, we can access competitive finance options for plant and equipment for your business and other kinds of small business loans for a variety of purposes. These finance options may include a variety of leases, commercial leasing options, chattel mortgages and more.


At King’s Finance, we understand the small business. When you’re in business, having the right finance and risk planning in place can mean the difference between thriving and surviving. And no one is better placed to understand your needs than another small business owner.

Reasons for taking out small business loans

A business owner might take out a loan to cover one-off expenses such as buying new equipment, paying for training, or renovating their facilities. Alternatively, loans might be used to improve business cash flow and provide flexible access to a pool of funds to be called upon as needed.

Varieties of small business loans

There are a variety of loans available to businesses. A business loan can be structured either on an upfront basis, where the entire value of the loan is withdrawn at once and paid back in regular instalments, or it may be on call, with payments determined by the amount of the loan that the business has drawn down.The different business loan types naturally come with varying interest rates and repayment conditions.

Line of credit or equity loans can provide access to funds by allowing the business to draw on an account balance up to an approved limit. These loans are highly flexible and are commonly used to fund smaller capital requirements. They are usually secured against property. This means that the interest rate for a line of credit is likely to be lower than that for an overdraft, although failure to make payments will place the secured asset at risk of repossession.

Building your business

A second loan type is a Term Loan, which is a fully drawn advance aimed at funding long term business investments that improve the earning potential of the business, such as new equipment. A fully drawn advance will generally be structured over a fixed term with scheduled repayments, and will be secured by a mortgage over a residential or commercial property, or other acceptable asset.

The use of security generally means that the interest rate will be lower than for other business loans, and it may be structured to a fixed interest rate that delivers certainty in terms of repayments.

If the goal of the business loan is to provide access to capital equipment, another option could be lease finance. This is where, for example, the business enters into a contract with a finance provider who buys the required asset, and then the business leases the use of that asset for a fixed amount over the life of the contract. When the contract ends, the business has the option to renew the lease on the existing equipment, take out a new lease on new equipment, or arrange to buy the leased item outright.

Business credit fitness

To qualify for a small business loan, your business must be in sound financial shape. It may also help if you can provide some form of security against the business loan, such as commercial or residential property. If the loan is unsecured it is likely to come with a higher interest rate.If you’re seeking a small business loan, talk to your King’s Finance expert. They can discuss the different business loans and providers to find the small business loan that will be best suited to your business.


Obtaining finance to purchase your dream item or to consolidate your finance can be exciting and daunting at the same time, and time-consuming too.

With many different types of loans out there, including secured or unsecured loans available, we’re here to help ensure you’rearmed with the right information to help you make the right decisions.

The King’s Financespecalises in sourcing fast and affordable personal loans to suit your individual budget.

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Do you have too many debts? Are the repayments stressing you out?

Debts can add up. You have bought some new furniture taking advantage of the store’s interest-free card for 12 months. In the meantime you have spent up big on your credit card. Now the store card is coming off of the interest-free period and the high interest rate is starting to hurt.




King’s Finance mortgage brokers are qualified finance industry professionals. We work with you to determine your borrowing needs and objectives, and to help you determine how much you can borrow. We help you to ensure that you don’t take out a loan that is not right for you.

Like your solicitor, accountant or financial planner, we are specialists in what we do and will provide you with a suitable finance solution to help you achieve your goals.

You can expect a more personalised level of service than you would usually receive directly from a lender (bank). King’s Finance brokers have access to finance products from a wide variety of lenders. It means that we can compare lending products from different lenders to find a loan that’s just right for you.


Some mortgage brokers charge a fee for their services and some don’t. When you take out a loan via a King’s Finance Broker, it does not cost you more in loan repayments. King’s Finance gets paid a commission by the lender for bringing new business to them and it does not impact your interest rate.

Some brokers charge a fee for their service. They must disclose this fee upfront to you so that you know what it will cost if you engage their services.


Absolutely NOT. Firstly, there is very little difference between the commissions paid by the various lenders. There is also legislation in lending industry called the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (or NCCP), that is designed to protect consumers and ensure ethical and professional standards in the finance industry. We tell you upfront what commission we will be getting from the lender. Our job, our only job, is to find a competitive loan for your needs and objectives.


Absolutely NOT. Some brokers charge a fee for their service (e.g. loan consultation fee) which they must disclose to you up-front before you engage their services. However, the costs of the loan are the same. These costs depend on the loan and lender you choose. If you want to save on loan costs, just tell us. We can locate loan products from the lenders with the lowest fees and charges.


There are specific factors that need to be considered when determining how much you can borrow, such as income, employment position, the deposit saved, current living expenses and any liabilities. Our borrowing calculator can give you a rough idea of how much you may be able to borrow. For a more accurate assessment, please give us a call and we can go into your options and discuss your circumstances in more detail.


A King’s Finance broker will recommend a product based on what you say is most important to you – for example, “pay my loan off quickly” or “guaranteed repayments” or “low cost”. We do however, live by the following; “if you want flexibility take a variable rate loan, if you want budget certainty, take a fixed rate loan, if you want both, then do a split loan.”


Of course! We are mobile brokers so we can come to you.


King’s Finance Group have access to 40+panel lenders in Australia. This means we can source you a loan from different lenders to provide you with a variety of options that are suitable for you and your situation.


Mortgage brokers do not set rates. The Reserve Bank of Australia meet on the first Tuesday of every month to determine the official cash rate for the country. The lenders then use this information to set their own rates. Lenders also adjust their rates according to their costs and other economic considerations.


Lenders will only sell you their own products. Each bank (or lender) has a variety of loan products on offer – low doc, package loans, loans with re-draw facilities, plant and equipment loans, fixed rate loans, interest only, interested in advance, variable, introductory variable… and so on. The issue you face as a consumer is ‘which loan is right for me?’ And that is where King’s Finance Broker becomes an invaluable resource! If you go direct to the bank, you will only be offered the loan options available through that one lender. As your professional and elite broker, we do all the leg work to find the right loan for your needs. At King’s Finance, we have many lenders and all of their loan products, and our sole purpose is to find a suitable loan to match your personal financial circumstances and goals.