The first step to a new loan is to consult a finance professional.

We are loan specialists servicing the local market with the utmost integrity and fidelity. Recent changes in the lending guidelines have made it crucial to work with a qualified originator for a successful closing. Our licensed loan officers will guide you through your individual loan needs, whether you are purchasing or refinancing.

Why choose King’s Finance?

Our founder has been originating residential and commercial mortgage since 2013.

Each borrower’s situation is properly assessed to find the best loan products and services.

Access to multiple lenders with a single application.

All enquiries are personally answered after the closing.


King’s Finance Brokers will provide a pre-approval letter to expedite your Home Purchase.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

A mortgage on which the interest rate and monthly mortgage payment remain unchanged throughout the
term of the mortgage. 10Yr, 5yr , 3yr and 1yr fixed rate loans are available. Fixed rate mortgages are best
suited for borrowers that plan to live in the home throughout the life of the loan.

Variable Rate Mortgage

A mortgage on which the interest rate, after an initial period, can be changed by the lender. While Variable Rate Mortgage in many countries abroad allow rate changes at the lender’s discretion, in Australia most Variable base rate changes on a pre-selected interest rate index over which the lender has no control.

I've heard that lending guidelines have gotten more strict.

Yes, the lending guidelines have become more difficult. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult a
qualified mortgage professional before you shop for a new home.

What benefits are there to contact a mortgage broker instead of a retail bank loan officer?

Brokers can often secure rates lower than retail banks’ because they have access to wholesale rates.

Are there additional fees for applying to a broker?

There are no additional fees for working with a broker. All brokers’ fees are paid by the lender.

Can foreign nationals obtain a mortgage?

Yes, with sufficient down payment, you can qualify for a mortgage if you have a valid work visa.

What documents should I bring to a consultation?

You should bring the following documents to loan consultation: Driver’s Lience, Medicare, Passport, Two x Recent Payslips (PAYG), Financials (Self-Employed)